Sunday, January 27, 2013

20 Months!

Parker Love,

How did we get to the twenties? Time truly is flying by. You continue to be a bright and curious not-so- little bundle of energy.

You’re still in size 5 diapers and we’ve taken out all the 24 month clothes, since a lot of your 18 month clothes are getting snug.  Not sure how tall you are, but you weigh just under 30 pounds. You’re so big, in fact, that we had to turn your car seat around to a front-facing position—such a big boy! You really enjoy facing forward because you can see a lot more, especially Mommy and Daddy in the front seats.

You continue to be a little parrot, repeating just about everything that we say. Some of our favorites: when you drop something on the ground—like a number four—you’ll say “Uh oh, four.” 

You say “no” now, when you don’t want to do something. But it’s a very cute, high pitched “noooo” that sounds more like you’re asking a question than making a statement.

You are becoming more social, especially at church! You're still shy to warm up to people at first, but eventually you come out of your shell. You like playing with Lillian, and I think you are happy to see her on Sundays! 

Your manners continue to improve, as you say “please, excuse me, and thank you” when asked, and sometimes all on your own.

For your snuggly, you say “snuck-a-wee” which is pretty adorable.

You continue to enjoy drawing with your crayons. Sometimes you’ll sit there for a good 15 minutes just drawing on one paper.

Your love for letters and numbers continues. You can sing the ABC song all by yourself now. As for numbers, you can count and identify numbers up to 30! This is especially impressive to Mommy, who teaches kindergarten and still has some five-year-old students that are unable to do this!

We’ve had a few more restaurant outings than usual this month. You do really well when we go out, and as much as we like having Mommy and Daddy Date nights, we also enjoy having you with us. You’re such a champ in the restaurant high chair, content with your books and crayons to keep you occupied.

Singing… Other than ABC’s, you really like singing “Ba Ba Black Sheep” when it’s bedtime.

A few more things: 

You still love Blue’s Clues, which we often let you watch right before dinner.

You really like when we read to you. You'll say, "Read book." and sometimes add "please" on the end. Your favorite books right now are 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?' 'Goodnight Moon' and 'The Very Busy Spider.' 

All in all, it's been a busy month. You're growing so fast and learning so many things each day--we're just trying to keep up! You are sweet and for the most part, you have an obedient spirit, wanting to do the right thing. We love you so much, little Bubby, and we're so excited to see how God continues to grow and shape you into the man he wants you to be! 

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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