Friday, August 9, 2013

Joey is 3 Months! And Parker is Keeping Us Busy!

Parker Love and Joey Bug,

We can't believe it, but Joey has hit the 3 month marker! This is exciting, and a bit sad, since he's out of the newborn/itty-bitty baby stage. :( Also, his three-month birthday aligns almost perfectly with the end of summer. Next week is back to work for Mommy and Daddy! 

What Joey has been up to:

Joey is in size 2 diapers now. He's still in 0-3 month clothes, but just barely. I think he's definitely a week or so away from moving up to 3-6 month sizes. I can't believe he's already (just about) moving out of his itty bitty baby clothes! 3-6 months seems like such a big boy size :)

Parker seems to be enjoying being a big brother. Although sometimes he'll bump into Joey or have other "whoops" moments, for the most part, he's very sweet. He'll bring Joey his paci or his snuggly. He'll talk to him every now and then while he's playing, mostly just saying "Hi, Joey!"

This baby bath has been dubbed "The Hippo" by Parker, who said "Excuse me, the hippo" when he wanted to move the baby bath out of the tub. Haha. It does kind of look like a hippo face!

Here's just some general cuteness.

All in all, Joey is a super happy little guy. He wakes up happy (usually between 6:00-7:00), is super mellow most of the day, then goes to bed happy. He's still eating about every three hours, and mostly breast milk.  We do supplement with formula on occasion, but once Mommy goes back to work, he'll b eon formula all day. 

He's just started reaching and grabbing things, and is starting to enjoy his play mat. 

Parker has been busy.
He still loves his letter and number magnets. We mounted a magnetic whiteboard to the wall, which he seems to enjoy (sorry, no pictures yet!).

He got to go swimming in Papa and Grammy's pool a few days this summer, which he really enjoyed. 

Here's the happy boy (and Snuggly!) all ready to go to church.

 Speaking of church... he and Lillian are becoming pals: 

Here he is, giving Mommy a heart attack as he climbs the super scary big-kid ladder:

Joey's goodnight face:

He is learning (kind of) how to be nice to Jack (nice=not sitting on Jack's head, for example). They are becoming buddies. I think Parker is old enough to go to the dog park with Jack! 

This cute little glow worm nightlight was technically a gift for Joey. but Parker loves it! 

Parker's gift was a Mr. Potato Head, which he also enjoys! Thank you, Lynn and Mia and Grammy!

 We gave potty training a go this summer. Unfortunately it only lasted about a week. Parker seemed to understand the idea of doing his business in the potty (he had a kid-potty by the way, even though the picture below shows him flushing the "big" toilet). 

I think when it came down to it, Mommy and Daddy weren't quite ready for the PT commitment. It's a full-time job, and a bit too stressful with a baby in the mix. We will try again another time. 

But he did peepee and poop in his potty a few times! He just didn't really have the desire to go in the potty... but he will someday! We don't want to rush him.

*** We interrupt this Parker update for some Joey cuteness!***

Okay. Back to Parker. 

Parker and Papa, hanging out.

 Also this month: Parker's first Dentist Appointment. 

Okay, so the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that  your child should see a pediatric dentist when the first tooth appears, or no later than his/her first birthday. 

So I was feeling a bit guilty that we waited until Parker was 2. But apparently most parents wait until 3 or 4, so I guess we jumped the gun a bit. Anyway, we went to Kids Care dental, and I really liked it! They had Parker's name on the Welcome board. 

There were lots of toys in the waiting room.

Overall, Parker did a pretty good job, though he didn't like sitting in the big chair by himself, and eventually ended up sitting in Mommy's lap. 

Check out this awesome picture they captured! I have no idea how this was happened. Right before they wee goign to take his picture, he saw something, pointed at it, and started talking. And this was the result:

Brother love! 

My "J-Boys" :Jack, hanging out with Joey. 


 Parker made a "Big (number) Six" on the fridge. So awesome! He was so proud! 

Big boy haircut! He does much better with haircuts now. We go to Cool Cuts, which allows us to bring our own dvd for Parker to watch as they cut his hair. 

We can't believe summer has come to an end, and that Mommy and Daddy will be back at work soon. 

This was Joey's face when we told him we would be going to work next week:

We will SOOOO miss spending so much time with our boys everyday--even though they'll be in super great hands with the grandparents. 

We love you boys so very much. God continues to bless and delight us as we watch you learn and grow. We love you to pieces, Bubby and Joey Bug!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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