Tuesday, February 26, 2013

21 Months Old!

Parker Love,

Happy 21 months! It seems unreal that you’re creeping so close to 24 months! 

You are such a boy now... no more baby. Here you are, big boy, matching with Daddy :)

You’ve been a busy boy this month! You are talking a LOT now. You’re able to put together sentences, even five or six words. Example : “Parker go to Mommy’s room?” or “Parker hold keys and get mail?” Any time you ask a question, you end it with this adorable little “mmmmm?” sound. It’s so super cute.

Probably the biggest event this month was you got your FIRST HAIRCUT! It was a much-needed event (see picture below)

You weren't exactly a fan of the whole haircut thing.

You didn't like being strapped to the "chair"

You didn't like the sucker

You especially didn't like the clippers!

But you survived! :) 

Some other things you've been up to this month...

You've really enjoyed playing with Mommy's car keys. You would happily do this for half an hour, if Mommy let you! 

You and your friend Lillian have had some fun times together at church :)

You love hanging out with Andrew. Here you are watching the Superbowl together :)

You love your snuggly --"sug-o-lee"-- as much as ever :)

This is what you call "One Face!" 

One of Mommy and Daddy's new favorite things to watch is your "juggling." You watched Daddy juggle and then wanted to try it yourself. Cuteness! :)

Another new thing is you now sing the ABC's. You used to just say the words, but you've just started singing the tune. You've done this for a few other songs as well. 

Your favorite toy in our room is the number blocks. You like stacking them into a tower. 

You've moved on from Infant Tylenol to Children's Tylenol, which might seem like a small thing... but Children's Tylenol bumps you in the age 2-11 category which makes you seem like such a big boy!

You enjoy reading books by yourself. Actually, you're doing a lot more by yourself... a lot of times when you're playing with toys, you'd rather do things yourself than ask for help. 

You know all the names of the planets and in the right order (wow!). This is one of your new favorite books.

This past week, you've started a new trick... you like to climb into the chairs at the dining table. Though it makes Mommy a little nervous seeing you climb up that big chair, it makes you feel very proud of yourself, which is pretty cute :)

Little Bubby, we love you so so much. We are amazed by you every day--how fast you are growing and learning new things. You are so smart and you learn new things each and every day. Though you have your "serious" moments, you are also such a happy little guy with plenty of silliness. We are so grateful to God for all the joy you bring to our lives.
We love you Parker! 

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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