Wednesday, December 26, 2012

19 Months Old!

Parker Love,

Nineteen months old! You’re creeping closer and closer to that two-year mark. This past month was busy, especially with the holidays. Also, you just keep busy in general. Playing with your meat jars, for example, is a favorite pastime of yours. :)

Quick stats: Not sure about your height and weight, though you’re definitely taller! You can now reach the doorknobs, and instead of opening doors that you’re not supposed to, you are really good at closing all the doors in the hallway (after seeing Mommy and Daddy close doors). You’re still in size 5 diapers. Some of your 18 month old cloths are getting a bit snug.

This month you got to visit lots of family with Thanksgiving and Christmas. You really enjoyed playing with Mia over Thanksgiving break. She adores you, and you are starting to learn how to play and interact with other kids, so the two of you had a nice visit.

Some new things this month...

You had your first taste of ice cream at Leatherby’s! First of all, this month is really the first time we’ve consistently gone out to dinner with you (three times in one month!) and you've really enjoyed it. You like looking around at all the people and decorations. You especially liked Leatherby’s because of the ice cream! When you first took a bite, you weren't quite sure what to think, but after a few seconds, you quickly made the sign for “more!” J

You've learned the “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” song, which makes you laugh. Along with that, you and Daddy have created your own “nose” game:

Just a few days ago, you started saying “Maw-me” for Mommy’s name, instead of “me-me.” Also, you sometimes say “Da-dee” instead of just “Dee” for Daddy’s name. It was super cute hearing you say our names the “right” way, but we’re going to miss the old way too. Just another sign that you’re growing up!

Speaking of talking, you've started speaking in short sentences! You often put together two or three word sentences, which makes communication a lot easier for you and for us.

For an early Christmas gift, Mommy and Daddy bought you an ABC train. You love it, and we are so pleased. It’s a fun new way for you to expolore your letters. On that topic, you continue to LOVE letters and numbers. You are constantly counting and saying your alphabet. You can now count to 20 and say your entire alphabet in correct order. Wow. Slow down, smarty pants!

You've learned how to say "read book" when you want Mommy or Daddy to read to you. Some of your favorites this month "This Old Man," "Dinosaur Numbers," "Peek-a-who?" and "Big and Little." The last two books mentioned are books you can also "read" out loud by yourself! 

A new favorite for you: Blue’s Clues. You could sit and watch Blue and Steve for hours if we let you. You seem to understand the concept of looking for the blue paw prints, and often point out when you see a clue.

Something we've rediscovered this month: you are not a fan of green beans! You never liked the purees but this was the first time you tried whole green beans. Definitely a fail.

You are really good at saying, "hello," "goodbye," "love you," "night night" and giving hugs and kisses. You also can blow kisses too, so you've pretty much mastered all the standard greetings. :o)

You and Jack continue to be buddies! He makes you laugh all the time (though probably not intentionally). 

One BIG thing that happened this month was that we found out you are going to have a little brother! Baby boy #2 arrives in May, and we are so thrilled for you to have a little brother to play with (well, not right away, but eventually he can play with you.) You are going to be such a great big brother, little man!

We love you so much and we're so thankful for the little man that God created you to be. We're very excited to see what God has in store for our family in the New Year!

All our love,

Mommy and Daddy

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