Monday, May 27, 2013

Parker is TWO Years Old!!!!!!!!!!

Parker Love, 

You are TWO YEARS OLD!!!!!

 We can hardly believe we have a two-year old! You look so big now... look at this big-boy face:

A lot has happened this month... but first, let's look at some stats:

You are 30.6 pounds and 35 inches tall. You are officially in 2T clothing now, and a size 6 diaper. Here's a few things you've been up to lately:

Writing! You can write your name now, as well as most of the letters in the alphabet. This just amazes us... all that you are capable of at such a young age. 

You continue to sing. Your favorite song is the Alphabet song, but you also like: Old McDonald, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Days of the Week, and The Farmer in the Dell. 

                                           More writing! :)

You went to your first birthday party! Deven, a little girl that lives by my parents, had her 2nd birthday at Kloss Park. You stayed there with Grandpa, and he said you had a good time. 

Sportin' some 2T size clothing! These were given to you my Mommy's friend, Lisa. They used to belong to her son, but he's grown out of them (she also gave you a BIG BOY bed! It's in the garage right now, but you'll be ready for it soon!).

You still love your Snuggly. He's either hanging out in your crib or... hanging out of your mouth. :)

Hanging out with your buddy. :)

You and Daddy have been spending a lot of time together this month (more about that later). Here you are with Daddy, making biscuits! 

In other news this month... YOU BECAME A BIG BROTHER!!! 

Joseph (Joey) Wesley Reyes was born on May 9th at 11:59PM. The next morning, you got to meet him for the first time!

So far, you have been very sweet towards him. At first, I don't think you were quite sure what to make of him. But now you'll say hi to him and kiss him on the head. A few times he's dropped his pacifier, and you picked it up to give it back. 

Although right now Joey doesn't do very much, pretty soon he'll be moving around and you'll be able to play with him more. Before we know it, we'll be chasing the two of you around the house! :)

Another big event this month... YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! 

Good morning, Birthday boy!!! We woke up and had a pancake breakfast. Then we let you have your first present, a set of kids musical instruments. You seemed to enjoy them, especially the drums. 

And of course, Mommy had to do a "2-years Old" Photo Shoot!

Here are a few pictures of cuteness: 

After your nap, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a little birthday party. Grammy and Papa were there also, which was nice. Grandpa BBQ-ed and we had a very yummy lunch. After that, you opened your presents and we had our "traditional" birthday (cookies and cream) ice cream cake--yum!

Joey slept for about an hour, then he stayed awake until we left! Your little brother is quite a party animal! 

You enjoyed your balloons!

The number 2 balloon was taller than you were!!!!!


Grandma and Grandpa gave you a set of toy tools and a tshirt that says: "Mr. Fix-It" :)

Grammy and Papa gave you a truck, markers and little Bert and Ernie figurines!

Mommy and Daddy gave you new bath toys and a little race car toy set. 

 Another gift from Gma and Gpa: a tricycle!!! 

You got a little shy when we sang Happy Birthday to you.

"Yaaay!" You clapped after we sang to you and you blew out the candles. 

Going for the cake! :)

Parker, we love you so very much! We love to watch you learn and grow each day. You are so happy and silly! You are a busy boy who is always on the go. God has gifted you in many ways and we look forward to seeing how he continues to grow you! You are such a joy and blessing to us. We love you SO so much! 

Happy Birthday, little man!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Friday, May 24, 2013

22 Months Old!

**Somehow, this didn't post in March, and I just realized it... so it's a few months late...

Parker Love,

22 months old? We can't believe how big you are getting!

You are still in size 5 diapers. We haven't weighed you recently, but you're probably in the low thirties in weight. 

We're putting a lot of 18-24 month clothes away that are too snug. It’s just about time to get the 2T clothing tub out of the garage. Size 2T! Seriously, where is the time going?

So, a few fun things about this month:

You've taken to reading books by yourself a lot more. In fact, most of the time you'd rather read a book yourself than have a book be read to you. Your favorite books? Pretty much anything with letters or numbers, though you also love your Planets book too.

Another hobby of yours: drawing. You will sit with a pen and paper and "draw" for long periods at a time. We're sure you would write your letters and numbers if you had the fine motor skills. :) For now, you are happy to "trace" over any letters or numbers that we write down for you. Or sometimes you just "free-draw."

As the weather has warmed up, you've enjoyed spending more time outside. And because it stays light outside longer, Mommy and Daddy can spend more outside time with you!

This month we had a fun picnic dinner at the park. 

Mommy had trouble climbing up and down the structure (because of the baby in her belly!) so you spent a lot of time with Daddy! 

down the slide!

Mommy loves her boys! <3

Mommy loves this picture of you. :)

You received this little rabbit from one of Mommy's friends at school. Jack wants to play with your rabbit too!

Another outside activity--sidewalk chalk! You would probably play with this for hours. You also like bubbles, but we didn't capture any pictures of that.

Here you are helping Mommy get the baby's clothes ready! :) We talk about the baby a lot, but we're sure you'll be pretty surprised when he actually gets here in just a few months! 

You and Lillian continue to be buddies at church. You both have fun playing on the 2-Year old playground!

One of our favorite things this month is your singing! You sing a lot now and it's super cute. Your songs of choice? 90% of the time, you prefer singing the ABC song, but you'll also sing "Jesus Loves Me," "Twinkle Twinkle," "One Little, Two Little, Three Little Numbers" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider." 

Also this month: you had your second visit to the zoo! You had a lot more fun this time since you know the names and sounds of a lot of the animals ("The lion says roaaaaar!"). Grandma and Grandpa came too, and we had a really nice afternoon (and you then had a really nice nap!).

The flamingos were the first animals you saw! 

You have the wingspan of a Cooper's Hawk! :)

Hi, birdie! 

You did enjoy looking at the animals, but you would've been just as happy to play in the dirt with a stick :)

This was a little "ride" that you weren't sure about at first... but then you loved it! 

Daddy and Parker! 

You really liked looking at the giraffes! 

Here you are, talking to the parrots: "Squaaaaawk!"

Going on the Zoo Train with Grandpa!

You really enjoyed the train and wanted to ride it a second time! :)

Checkin' out some animal facts. :)

You really had a great time at the zoo--we'll have to try to make another visit this summer with your new brother! 

Parker, it's been so fun watching you grow into a little boy this month. You love to stay busy and explore your world. You have developed such a sweet and fun personality! You are really obedient most of the time and you're a super helper too. We are so blessed to have you in our lives and are excited to spend these last few weeks with you in our family of three... before we become a family of four! 

We love you, little Bubs!

Mommy and Daddy