Sunday, September 8, 2013

Joey turns 4 months old (and Parker just keeps getting cuter)!

This cute Joey Bug is 4 Months old! 
(I'm actually a day early posting--he turns 4 months tomorrow!)

He continues to be just as cute and sweet as ever. He's just so laid back and happy. Some stats: He tends to go a bit longer between feedings (closer to 4 hours than 3 hours). He's officially in 3-6 month sizes now, still in size 2 diapers. We're not sure how much he weighs, since he hasn't had an appointment in awhile, but I would guess close to 15 minutes. He likes being tickled, being held up so he can "stand," kisses, cooing, smiling, looking at people who are talking to him, and ... his snuggly.

Parker seems to be enjoying being a big brother. Well, to be honest, he doesn't really notice Joey most of the time (Joey still doesn't do a whole lot yet) but when he does notice Joey, Parker will say "hi, Joey," or "There's Joey," or give Joey a little "mu-wah" kiss on the head. Once Joey gets a bit older and able to do more things, they'll be great buddies! 

Here's some pictures from the last month:

Love those chunky cheeks!!!!!!!!!!!

Parker's favorite shape this month. A decagon. Sigh. I know, he's awesome. And we've had to learn how to draw the decagon, which isn't exactly easy!

This little guy has completely stolen Mommy's heart. <3

Our boys!

Discovering the numbers and airplanes on his PJ's. 

Snuggly. Almost always in the mouth. 

Joey isn't the only one enjoying the baby play mat. :)

Our little helper. He's great at helping around the house. One of his favorite things is to put the silverware away from the dishwasher.


Joey is a fan of tummy time! He'll stay there for a good 20 minutes sometimes. 

Parker and Lillian, playing together at church. 

Saying goodbye to Joey's 0-3 month clothes. :( We're pretty sure we're not going to try to grow our family any more, so it feels so final, packing up these itty-bitty clothes.

The Bug and Mommy. :)

Parker used to just sleep with two stuffed animals, but in the past month, it's grown to quite a little entourage. 

Here's some cuteness for you: Brothers! 

4 Month Photo Shoot! 

Mommy loves her boys!!

Joey, we are so thankful that you've become part of our family. You are such a sweet and happy little guy, and you bring so much joy and warmth to Mommy and Daddy. We love watching you grow and explore your world. We are cherishing all these moments when you are still itty-bitty. We love you so so much, little bug!

Parker, you continue to make us smile. You are so goofy, and clever, and kind-hearted. There is a sweetness to you, and we see it in how you interact with others, especially other children. You are patient, and gentle, and so friendly as you play with other children. You continue to amaze us with the mind God gifted you with, and it is a true joy to watch you learn and discover new things each day. We love you, little bubs. You keep our hearts so happy!

Love, Mommy and Daddy