Saturday, July 28, 2012

14 Months

You actually turned 14 months old on the 26th. This blog is a few days late, because your daddy and I are on vacation in Avila Beach, Ca. 

So let's start with the saddest part of the month, when you got the stomach flu. Other than small cold, this is the first time you’ve really been sick. You were sick for about three days, but the first day is the worst. By the second day, you were holding your food down. We made sure you drank a lot of Pedialyte so you wouldn’t dehydrate. You were extra sleepy and cuddly, and by day four you seemed back to normal again.

But on to other news:

Milk comes in a sippy cup now. You were a bit resistant at first (you loved your bottle, after all!) but now you’re transitioned to using your “big boy” sippy cup.

You’ve been busy this month.  You are always walking now. If you’re moving, then you’re on your feet.  It’s truly rare to see you crawl anymore.

You learn new words every day! You love to demonstrate that knowledge. Something you like doing is showing off the body parts that you are able to identify. This includes: toes, nose, ears, mouth (sometimes) and... head. :)

Something new for you this month: bubbles! You LOVE bubbles! You love watching us blow bubbles, you love catching (or eating!) the bubbles. You even love just holding the bubble bottle. I’m just sorry I haven’t captured any pictures of it yet.

Another thing that’s new is that you’ve been napping in other houses. It used to be that you wouldn’t sleep anywhere but your own crib (and maybe your car seat). But twice this month you slept in a pack n play in someone else’s house. The first time was on the Fourth of July. We went to some friends’ house for dinner. At 7:00, we put you down in your pack n play in a back bedroom. We expected you to scream and cry for a long time, but you hardly fussed! You slept peacefully until it was time to leave. We were SO proud of you.

Then, when we went to visit Daddy’s Auntie in Freemont (who fed you your first “whole” banana, which made you VERY happy!), you slept in the car on the way there…

…And you took a good, long nap in your pack n play! Again, we were so proud of you, and we’re just happy that you’re able to sleep out of the house! This benefits you as well as Mommy and Daddy!

Just some more cuteness:

Another new thing is you’ve learned how to brush your hair. You learned it after watching Mommy brush your hair. It’s super cute when you do it, and you seem to really like it:

And... some more cuteness:

You continue to have a fascination with hats (“Ckkk”). You like wearing them for short periods of time, but you especially like making Mommy, Daddy or Grandpa wear hats. You’ll take the hat off out head, then prompt us to put it back it back on. You’ll do this over and over for several minutes.

 You’ve taking a liking to shoes (“Gah-k”)this month. You like holding shoes, whether it’s your shoes or Mommy or Daddy’s shoes. You really like doing this during a diaper change. J

Parker, you continue to be such a JOY to us. Though you do have a contemplative and serious side, you also have a really silly side too. You’re a very happy little guy who likes to smile and giggle. You continue learning new words and new things every day and it's super excing to watch you grow! Mommy and Daddy both really love this stage that you're in. 

We love you so so much, little Bubba! We can't wait to see what God teaches you next month!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Some silly pictures:

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