Monday, September 3, 2012

15 Months Old!

You actually turned 15 months old on August 26th.

Last month, both Daddy and Mommy went back to work (Mommy is once again teaching Kindergarten ) so the last month has been quite busy. Which is the main reason this post is a week late!

This past month, you’ve spent your weekdays with Grandpa, Grandma, Andrew and Grammy (and sometimes Papa)! You don’t seem to mind the change, and we are thankful you transitioned so well to Mommy and Daddy’s “back to school” schedule.

First off, a few 15-month stats: 

You are in 12-18 month clothes. You can still fit into 12-month shorts, but the 12-month tops are too snug. You are in size 4 shoe. You are also in size 4 diapers. Don't know your weight, as we haven't needed an appointment since your 12-month.

Sadly, because Mommy and Daddy haven’t been home as often, we weren’t able to capture as many pictures. But here’s a few that we do have from this month:

These pictures were taken by Mommy, the day before she had to go back to work. Her last day as a "stay-at-home mommy," something she misses quite a bit.

You love reading, and continue to explore books independently, though you also like it when we read to you.

Your two favorite toys in Mommy and Daddy's room are Legos and balls!

Grandma and Grandpa bought you your very own wagon! Here you are, checking it out for the first time.

You're definitely a fan! You call it a "car" and you seem to be VERY excited to have a 'car' of your own!

Drinking milk out of your big-boy cup. 

Hats! You love wearing multiple hats... and having everyone else wear them too. :)

Some of your "morning babble." You wake up happy and ready to play (after you've had your milk, of course!)

Sportin' the hoodie. 

You've found your love for dancing! Here you are with some of your Parker Dance Moves! 

Snuggly Hat!

this is the first time you've "used" your Elmo chair all by yourself. Though you, apparently, prefer to use it more as a pillow than a chair.


playing with Lillian at church. 

Baby Play Date. :)

Lillian's quite proud of herself! She can get up and down in the rocking chair all by herself! 

Eating O's! (cheerios)

A dapper young lad! We keep this hat in the car. You like to play with it, putting it on your head over and over. 

Another shot of the multiple hat wearing. 

This is generally what a room looks like by the time you're done with it. You are definitely a busy and curious boy! 

This month has been a lot of fun. You are such a happy boy, and in a good mood almost all of the time. You are a curious explorer, who will spend hours in the same room getting your hands on everything within your reach. 

You walk everywhere, all the time. You are more stable on your feet, and have improved your speed. You can almost move at a full-run. Almost. 

Your new tricks: You give high fives now! And your new favorite, is kisses! If we say "Kiss kiss, Mommy" then you'll give Mommy a wet, slobbery kiss on the cheek! Sometimes you even make a kissy sound "mu-wah." It's so super sweet! :)

You are talking more and more, saying new words all the time. Although a lot of your words for things are different than our words. Example: for "light" you say "eh eh eh!"

Also, your general "baby babble" has increased. You say a lot of "b" babble words. "bu bah boo"... it's as if you really are speaking sentences, but in another language.

We are just so enjoying you, each and every day. We don't get to see you as often as we did through the summer, so each moment with you is precious. We love you so much, little bubba, and you bring us so much joy and laughter. We continue to thank God for giving us the gift of you!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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