Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy 13 Months!


Today you are 13 months old! 

You've been taking your new title as "toddler" very seriously this past month. You went to taking a few shaky steps, just before your birthday, to full-on walking across the room! You can walk by yourself, though  you're still pretty wobbly at times, and you do much better if you're holding on to someone's finger.

You've taken quite an interest in a lot of your "toddler toys." You especially like your puppy and helicopter.

But your absolute favorite are your cars from Grammy. You LOVE them, and you learned how to say car very quickly. 

Also this month, Daddy was in Kentucky for a week, so you had some fun Facetime chats with him:

While Daddy was gone, you and Mommy stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's house for the week. You had a  lot of fun spending so much time with them!

You got to hang out with Justin Beaver:

Play in the pool:

 Play with the hose (you discovered your love for the hose this month!):

See the kitties:

You continue to call your bottle "ya-ya" which is super cute

You're saying a lot of new "baby gibberish" words. One of the first new words this month was "bah":

Our favorite new sound--which we haven't yet caught on film--is a "leh-der, leh-der, leh-der" sound. We can't figure out how you do it, but it's been your favorite saying this past week. 

You've also learned your own version of Grandpa (ga-pa) and Grandma (ma ma ma ).

You've moved into many 18-month clothing sizes, though some of your 12-month sizes still fit okay. 

Also, this month, your fifth tooth came out. You can kind of see it in this picture, to the left of your two bottom teeth:

You still LOVE to eat! You are enjoying cow's milk, which you get three times a day, 7oz for each bottle. We just recently tried giving you milk in a sippy cup, which you weren't a fan of at first. Hopefully, it's something you'll get used to as we try to wean you off using a bottle in the next few months. After all, you're a big boy toddler now! :)

 You have been SO much fun this month. You are all smiles and giggles, and it's fun to watch you waddle your way around on two feet. Since daddy is home for the summer, you've had a lot of "father-son" time while Mommy is at work, and you seem to really enjoy that. No one makes you laugh like Daddy! 

You've always brought us joy, but we feel like this month has been super special as you've been full of even more laughs and smiles. We love watching you explore your world, discovering new things to say, do and look at each day. 

We love you, little man! And we can't wait to see what next month brings!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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