Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Let the Cloth Diaper Wars Begin!

When I was still preggo, Ric and I talked about using cloth diapers with Parker. After much research, we became really excited about the idea. Cloth diapers are super cute and easy to use (compared to ten and twenty years ago). And they are super cost effective. 24 cloth diapers will pay for themselves in six months or less. And you can use them on multiple kiddos. Not to mention, supposedly more than 27 billion disposable diapers end up in landfills each year across the country, and it takes 500 YEARS of them to decompose. 500 years of decomposing, poopy diapers. That’s super disgusting.

For more info as to why cloth diapers are awesome, go HERE:
Anyway, once Parker was born, we were unsure of what my future job-status would be. We didn’t feel comfortable using cloth diapers unless I’d be able to stay home with Parker part-time (cloth diapers are a no-no at daycare, and with my parents doing childcare, I wouldn’t want them to have to use CD full-time). Plus, we were given so many disposable diapers as gifts, we still haven’t had to spend a cent on diapers, and Parker is almost three months. Super awesome.
But as his three-month mark is approaching, the “free” diaper stash is starting to dwindle. Also, a few weeks ago I was able to find a nanny job (which I’m SO excited about, but more about that later) that will start at the end of August. With this part-time job, I’ll only be working (on average) about 10 days a month. So I’ll be home with my little Bubba the rest of the month (blissfully excited about this)! Which means…
Cloth diapers can be a reality in the Reyes household!
(For the record, this isn't a picture of Parker... just another cute baby in a cute cloth diaper!)
Trying to choose which CD to use can be a nightmare. There are so many brands and options within each brand, it seems endless. After much research and consulting with other CD mamas, I’ve narrowed it down to three brands. Through, we’ve ordered one of each brand to put them each to the test. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find which one works best for us and then we’ll stock up!
Here are the competitors:

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  1. Sooo smart to order one of each, I wish I had thought of that! I'm so excited for you, both that you get to use cloth and because of your awesome nanny job!! Congrats!!