Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weeks 2 and 3--A list of firsts

At first glance, it seems like newborns don't do much. I feel like Ric and I spend our entire day feeding, burping, cleaning, clothing and soothing Parker in hopes that he'll fall asleep long enough for mom or dad to catch a nap, shower or food break.

However, I've realized that when I really think about it, a newborn is actually doing quite a bit--growing and learning hundreds of new things every day. In the past few weeks, Parker has done SO many new things for the first time. Here's a list of just some of his "firsts:"

1st walk in the stroller (success!)

1st pacifier (success!)

1st Father's Day (success?)

1st Bottle Feeding (success!)

Book--The Tales of Peter Rabbit (success!)

1st Baby Bjorn Carrier Experience (success TBD)

Bath (He is NOT a fan... just look at his little face! So funny.)

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