Friday, June 17, 2011

The Birth Day

5. 26. 2011

Because baby boy Parker was in breech position in my belly, he had to come out via C-Section. My surgery appointment was scheduled for 9:00am, but we had to arrive two hours early so that I could get "prepped" which included hooking me up to an IV, monitoring my vital signs, and giving me a spinal to numb me from the waist down. Once I was fully prepped, Ric put on his hospital scrubs and joined me and a crowd of doctors and nurses in the Operating Room.

The actaul surgery was kind of a weird experience. I didn't much like the feeling of my boyyom half being numb, but of course I was glad of it for the sake of the surgery. There was a blue sheet hanging in front of my face so that I coldn't see anything that the doctors were doing (don't think I'd want to see!). As the doctors worked, I could feel pressure on my abdomen but couldn't feel pain (thankfully!). Imagine how weird it was when they reached in to pull Parker out. I could feel them doing it, but it didn't hurt. Turns out Parker was wedged in a weird position--one leg up, the other bent behind him, like he was jumping over a hurdle. No wonder he wasn't able to turn to the head-down position!

Finally, after a few minutes that seemed like hours, I heard my guy little crying so I knew he was out. I turnd my head to see him being cleaned off and placed on the scale to be weighed. Ric was with him (as I couldn't get up, obviously) as the nursed swaddled baby P and stuck a blue and pink beanie on his tiny head. Then Ric brought Parker over to me so I could see him and kiss his cute little cheeks. What a happy moment for this mommy!

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