Friday, June 17, 2011

In the Hospital

We had a great welcoming committee to greet Parker, which included: Ric's mom, my mom, dad and sister, and of course Ric and myself. We even had tshirts made that identified our relationship to Parker (so, example: mine said 'Parker's Mommy'). Super cute.

We were in the hospital for three days. Just FYI for you Elk Grovians, we were at Methodist Hospital and it was a fantastic experience. We loved our doctors and all the nurses. Our postpartum room felt more like a hotel room. I had a reclining bed, nurses on call, and three meals a day delivered to my bedside. Not too bad. I made sure I got my medicine regularly, so the pain was never bad.

As for new life with Parker… wow, it felt like our lives were flipped upside down. We were on a total “baby high”—we were so in love and in awe of our little guy. But we were also exhausted as he woke up to feed about once every hour. Since I’m exclusively breastfeeding, that meant I was up at least once every hour and since I couldn’t get out of bed the first few days, Ric had to get Parker every time he cried in his bassinet and bring him to me. It was definitely teamwork. I'm so lucky to have such a supportive and caring hubby! He's been a lifesaver!

On our last day at the hospital, we received a "Celebration Lunch" which included appetizers, sparkling cider, and desserts for me, Ric and the whole family. It was so fun! What a great send off for our family.

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