Monday, May 26, 2014

Parker is THREE!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Parker! 

Three years ago, you were born. 


You were teeny and squishy and adorable, and you changed our lives forever. 
You made us a Mommy and Daddy. 

Those CHEEKS! They are just as kissable now as they were three years ago. 

You've been busy this past year. You began your year with summer vacations (isn't it nice having a birthday just before summer vacation?) We went to Ventura for our second time. You had a lot of fun on the beach.

We also went to Lake Tahoe for a week.

You had fun playing with Mia who came for a visit: 

You generally are just a fan of summer! You love playing outside with dirt or water or... anything you can get your hands on, really. :)


You continue to amaze us with your reading and writing skills.

You also had some fun out on your first boat ride with Grandpa and Daddy. 

The biggest thing that happened to you this year is that you became a big brother. You've had quite a year learning how to share, play nice and practice your patience with this little bundle of joy:

You really weren't sure what to make of Joey for the first several months. 

But after awhile you got used to him. 
Our first Mother and son night at Chili's. You still remember when "we went to the restaurant with Grammy and Grandma."

 Monkey and Banana Halloween! 

 Your first time on a horse at Fog Willow Pumpkin Patch. 


You've really enjoyed Thomas and his train friends this year. Here are your trains in rainbow order. :)


 Holding hands in the car. :)

First visit to the train museum. We ended up buying a yearly membership.

You are a pro at getting haircuts now! 

Joey--watching you and Daddy play through the window. 

You tried out gymnastics this year and you really like it. We'll most likely sign you up for classes again soon.

 Playing nice. 


You've only just really started enjoying your LeapPad in the last few months. 

 Mommy really enjoys your bedtime. We read three books together--sometimes Mommy reads and sometimes you read--and then we sing three songs. It's such a special time. 

Your brother turned ONE year old just a few weeks ago! You were really great at helping him open his birthday presents. ;o)


Big Truck Day with Grandpa! you had such a great time looking at the tractor, excavator and all the other big trucks. 


We love you SO MUCH, Parker William. You are so sweet and creative and intelligent. It is such a joy for us to watch you navigate and interpret your world. You are our reading, writing, singing, dancing little machine! you enjoy Daniel Tiger, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, planets, dinosaurs and trains. You also like drawing and painting and playing with play dough. You'd probably spend all your time outdoors playing with bubbles and sidewalk chalk if you could. 

We're so thankful God gave us the gift of you and we're super excited to see what adventure he has for you and us this next year! We love you, Bubs!

Mommy & Daddy

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