Sunday, May 11, 2014

Joey is ONE!

Joey is ONE year old!

Joey Bug, we cannot believe that you’re already a year old. And as you were born at 11:59PM, it’s obvious that you were really determined for a May 9th birthday!

Some stats: You are in size 4 diapers and size 12months or 12-18month clothes. We haven’t tried shoes with you, though that’s probably in your near future.

You are SUCH a happy and silly boy. You are very content most of the time whether you’re sitting with someone, playing on your own or watching Parker play—you love watching your big brother. And as much as you’d love to play with him, he’s still learning how to share his toys with you, so brother bonding time isn’t exactly a peaceful affair just yet. :)

But you two have your sweet moments.

What you’re up to:
Your Schedule: We’ve got your eating schedule in a good rhythm now. You wake up and have your first bottle around 5am and then go back to sleep. We give you breakfast when you wake up again around six. Lunch is a bottle and fruit. Dinner is veggies and meat then your nighttime bottle is around 7pm, which is when you go to bed. So for the most part, you are sleeping through the night.

Also: you LOVE to dance! Any time there's music, you bob your head and bounce up and town. You've got rhythm in your soul, little man!

You seem to like any food we give you, but you really like mushed-up bananas!

You still take a morning nap, but don’t always take an afternoon nap, so we’re wondering if you’re transitioning to just one nap!

Mobility: You are a super crawler now and can get around very quickly when you want to! You have stood independently a few times, but haven’t taken any steps just yet. You can walk around really well if you’re holding onto something. We know that walking just around the corner!

Talking: You babble a lot now, though mostly it’s still “baby talk.” Your favorite sounds: “mama, papa, gah, geh, and guh.” You’re really into the -g- sounds. A lot of things you look at, you call “guh.” We’re pretty sure you can say ‘book’ though you don’t do it often.

Your favorite toys: This changes, but you seem to really like puzzles. Overall, you really just want to play with whatever Parker is playing with! You really like anything with wheels. You like spinning the wheels on your cars and you like pushing anything that has wheels--you're very strong!

We celebrated your birthday at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grammy and Papa came over too. We had a great time celebrating YOU over dinner and presents.

Standing up all by yourself! You stood for about 10 seconds before you needed help from Grandpa!

You enjoyed your first cupcake...

You have always been a joyful little guy and it’s been such a marvel watching you grow into your happy little personality. You are a really silly little man and we think you’re going to be quite a jokester. You are very laid back and mellow and take everything in with a smile. Daddy wants me to specifically mention that you are THE CUTEST and that We love you SO MUCH, Joey Bug. We’re so very excited to watch you grow into your toddler-hood!

Love you BUNCHES!
Mommy and Daddy (and Parker)

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