Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy 8 Months, Joey!

Happy 8 months, Joey Bug! 

Joey, you continue to bring us so much joy each and every day! 

As for Parker, he's well into his 32nd month (kind of weird counting months this high)! Parker, you continue to amaze us with your beautiful mind and playful spirit. 

Neither of you boys have had a check-up lately, so I don't know your stats. So let's start with the big event this month...  Christmas! 

We spent Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa.

So much cuteness with their matching PJ's! 

Joey opens his first Christmas present! :)

Christmas morning at our house... Mommy obviously forgot to use the good camera. 

We had a great time spending time with the Culver clan over Christmas break!

Having fun at Hometown Buffet...

On the downside of December, both of you boys got sick (and still are sick even as I write this) which was so, super sad. 

The rotation of medicine for Parker. :(

The only time I get real, super snuggles from Parker is when he's sick.

Joey is super smiles even with his sad cough. 

Parker, drinking his "feel better" smoothie from Grandma. :)

Some other happenings this month...

Joey learned to take his socks off, just like big brother!

Parker got a few new trains...

... and likes to put them in rainbow color order.

((the videos weren't uploading properly, so I'll add them later!))

It's been a great month. We can't believe how fast you boys are growing and changing every day, and we are so very thankful God put you in our lives! We love you so, so much and look forward to the adventures of 2014

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  1. glad to see you are just as deep into thomas as we are here! clearly a winner! :) hope you are all healthy SOON!!