Friday, May 24, 2013

2 Weeks Old!

Joey Bug,

We missed your one week blog, but we are going to try to keep up with weekly updates from now on! 

We can't believe you've been with us for TWO weeks already. And at the same time, it seems like longer. With each new day as a family of four, it's hard to remember ever being a family of only three. 

It's been a busy two weeks! You've had many outings already. Your first time out of the house was your doctor appointment, which went well. Dr. Katz said you look good and healthy. Your weight was at 8lbs 14oz, which is really good--it means you've been eating very well.

Some other outings you've been on already... Target, the Food Faire at Mommy and Daddy's work, and the Zoo. Also, you went with us on a long car ride to Stockton, where we had to take care of some boring paperwork. :oP So far, you've done pretty well in your car seat. You've definitely had some tears, but for the most part you've been content to just take a nap while in the car. 

Here are some pictures from your second week:

Your eyes have been open a lot more this week, 

You are so precious, little bug! We love you so much!

Happy 2 weeks!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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