Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cloth Diaper Set-up

A few friends have asked how we do our set-up for cloth-diapers, so here ya go:
We store all the diaper shells/covers in the closet, where we have a hanging canvas closet organizer (one of my favorite nursery purchases, btw!) It’s so great for storage! And it’s on SALE at BabiesR Us:

We put our Flip diaper covers on one shelf, and our FuzziBunz on another (we actually have the FuzziBunz already stuffed with the inserts)
We use about 2-3 Flip covers a day (depending on how many poops Parker has), so we reuse the covers through multiple diaper changes. We do, of course, change his inserts each time, so we go through 5-6 inserts a day. We keep the inserts here:

This was given to us a gift, and it holds the inserts almost perfectly! It makes for easy changing, as its located right next to the changing table.

Okay, now for the bathroom set-up.
We have 2 wetbags, one that hangs on the back of the bathroom door:

And the other stays in the cupboard under the bathroom sink.
We have 2 so that while one is being washed (which can take awhile, with all the rinse, wash, rinse cycles) we have a 2nd one that can be hung up in the bathroom. Basically, this way we always have a wetbag that we can use.
This system works well for us. We use Planet Wise Wet Bags that we purchased from  I LOVE them! They are big enough to hold 4-5 days of dirty diapers (though I should be washing diapers every 3 days or our supply runs low). It holds the diaper smell in very well (and Ric agrees). Now, when you unzip the bag--whew!--you'll get a nice whiff of diaper smell, but as long as it's zipped, I don't find smell to be a problem.


Even so, I do have a Glade Plug-in, that I keep in the bathroom, though I really only use it when we have guests. This is a sort of "just-in-case" measure that is not necessary, but it makes me feel better when guests are over. :)

Also, I have a thing of Fabreze, readily available. Sometimes, I spray the wetbag after I've opened it. This isn't necessary, but it gives a burst of "fresh" to replace the whiff of diaper stink. So that's nice. :)
So that's our set-up!

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