Saturday, October 29, 2011

5 months old (a few days late)!

This post is a few days late...

I can’t believe you are 5 months old! Once again, time has flown by! Here’s what you’ve been up to during your fifth month:
Tummy Time! You are constantly rolling on your tummy! You can usually stay there for a few minutes (sometimes only a few moments!) before you get fussy and want to turn over. Physically, you can turn back over on your own (we’ve seen you do it) but you seem to rather want to wait for mommy and daddy to come and turn you over (Check out that bald spot!!).

This month, you’ve had a few fun outings! You went to your first pumpkin patch and had your first trip to apple hill. You did great both times, and seemed to enjoy yourself (especially when you were being held, and not stuck in the stroller!)

You like to sleep all snuggled into your blankets. Oftentimes, you’ll even turn and sleep on your side.

You’ve enjoyed your jumperoo more and more.

You still like your paci, but most of the time you are content with just a few fingers in your mouth.

Also this month you went to your first BCS sporting events—homecoming football game and one of daddy’s volleyball games.

We think you’re starting to like your piano. Stay tuned to find out.

You are super drooly and probably teething, but thankfully you don’t seem to be in much pain. Just drooly.

You had your second Bradley reunion, this time you and the other Bradley bambinos dressed in their Halloween costumes, and had a VERY special picture with Aunty Janet, the super doula!

It's been a great month. You are growing more and more and doing new things every day. Thankfully, you are sleeping almost through the night now! You only wake up once for your 1AM feeding, and sometimes you don't wake up until 4:00--sleeping seven hours! Yay! We will be starting to food you your first baby purees (today, in fact) so we will see how that goes!
We love you, Bubba, and are thankful to God every day for giving us such a blessing.
All our love,
Mommy and Daddy

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  1. I loved all the photos!! Also love his winter hat...too cute! ♥♥