Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy 5 Months, Joey!

Happy 5 Months, Joey! (a few days late...)

Some stats. You are still in size 2 diapers. Your 3-6 month clothes are snug, and we're going to have to move you up to size 6-9 months! Big boy! 

You are talking a lot more now, with a lot of "gee gee" and "gooooo" sounds. You still aren't rolling over, but we think it's simply because you haven't cared enough to try. You're definitely strong enough to do so.

You seem to like being held more often. You are not always so content to sit or lay by yourself. You are still a sweet happy boy... as long as we feed you on time! :)

Well, as always, the Reyes boys have been busy.

Joey went to his first volleyball game, and I can't believe we didn't get a picture!! He did pretty well, especially compared to P-Dub's first game (he basically cried the whole time!). This time, Parker had a great time! He watched the games, called out numbers he saw on the player jerseys and gave high fives to our BCS players after the game (which they won by the way, but only barely!).

Parker went on his first boat ride with Grandpa and Daddy. He had a great time! I think we need to buy him a toddler-sized life vest though! 

And here is some Joey 5-month cuteness:

Joey has really enjoyed his teething toys. Parker was never a big fan, so we are glad they're getting some use!

Here's some of Parker's latest...

He drew a leaf! :)

Hangin' out in Joey's Bumbo.

Parker's new favorite shape: a parallelogram. Oh course. *Sigh* This kid cracks us up!

Song time! He gets really passionate about his ABC's. :)

Hangin' out with Andrew! 

 He wakes up happy most mornings!


We are having such a blast with you two boys!

We're planning on a Pumpkin Patch visit soon, so we'll have more pictures to show very soon! We love you so, so much and enjoy seeing your personalities grow and develop more and more each day!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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