Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy 11 Months, Parker!

You are 11 months old—just one month away from being a YEAR old! 

This month has been a blast! You’ve finally put on a good amount of baby weight. I’m pretty sure you’re close to 20-21 pounds now, which gets you out of the 1st percentile for weight… I’m sure you’re closer to the average mean. I think this growth is mainly due to the fact that we switched you over to 100% formula this month. Mommy was sad to stop nursing you, but we really felt like this would help you gain the weight you needed—and it did! 

You are in 12month clothes now. Most seem to be the 9-12 size, but some are a bit bigger... the 12-18month size. You are just barely still in size three diapers, but our next purchase will be size 4's. 

We've had many outings to the park, when the weather has allowed us.

You had your first Easter this month. We decided to do a Easter basket next year when you have a bit more awareness of what's going on. But you did receive a few gifts: a new Easter suit and some Easter books, one from us and one from grandma and grandpa. 

On Easter, we went to your great-grandpa Harold's birthday celebration. You met a lot of family for the first time. 

You love our new couch and spend a lot of time walking along the edges, wishing you knew how to climb up by yourself. :)

Also, this month was your first visit to the Zoo! We went with grandma and grandpa and I think you had a lot of fun. Though you didn't really see a lot of the animals, you loved being outside with all of the people and big trees. You had a great time looking around, taking it all in. 

"please, please. no more pictures. I'll sign autographs later."

You love exploring Mommy and Daddy's bedroom. You like to see how many drawers you can open and what else you can get into. You especially like pulling books off the shelves before Mommy can get to you. :)

You've discovered the door stopper:

You really enjoy laying on our bed, playing with the fan remote. 

All in all, you are a happy boy. You are curious, adventurous, and have a great little sense of humor! 

You also know how to put on the sad puppy-dog eyes when you need to. 

We look on with both excitement and a bit of sadness as we are about to celebrate your last month of infancy. And then will come the next chapter: toddlerhood. Yikes! We love you so much, little man and we're so thankful God has brought you in our lives. 

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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  1. It's so hard to believe that Parker is almost a year old! He is such a sweetheart, and so much fun. I love all the photos. :)