Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Big 'One-Oh'

Happy 10 Months, Little Man (a day early)!
This month you went mobile. Really mobile.

You are scoot-crawling all over the place, but your favorite thing to do is stand. You love to pull yourself up and walk around (while holding on to something, of course).  You also like to practice standing then getting back down to the floor… and then standing again.

2 new teeth! Your top two front teeth are coming in. We’re excited you’re getting new teeth, but we don’t like to see our little man in pain.
(you can kind of see the white dots coming through his gums)

You got new 9oz bottles because the 5oz were too small. You get 3 bottles a day, with 6oz in each. Then at morning and night, Mommy nurses you.

We’ve been going to the park and trying out the little kid swing. You don’t seem too impressed yet, but I think you’ll like it soon, once you get the hang of it.

You love your Puffs, and you’re getting quite good at feeding yourself. Other finger foods you’ve tried: cheerios, banana and toast.

You had your first real set of giggles in the bath tub:

You had your first St. Patrick’s Day this month!

This month we had Daylight Savings time, which you were not a fan of the first night. You cried in your crib for almost an hour before going to sleep (we think it’s because it was still light out when we put you down in your crib).

Also, you started waving, when Mommy says "Hi, Parker!"
Mostly, you’ve been in a super good mood this month, except for teething days.  We have had soo much fun watching you laugh, and play, and explore. You are a little problem-solver who likes to figure things out. Sometimes you get frustrated when you can’t do something, but you are learning how to persevere and keep trying. We are so proud of you, and we love you to pieces!

Cheers to the double digits! The big “1-0” months!
Mommy & Daddy

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