Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy 9 Months!


Our little lovey, you are NINE months old! And what a month it has been for you!

Some stats:
You are still in size 3 diapers (and I think you’ll stay in them for another month). For clothes, you are in size 6-9month/ 9 month/ 6-12month, depending on the clothing brand. We won’t find out your height and weight stats until next week,  but I’m guessing you’re in the 18-19 pound range.

The most exciting thing for us is that you’re now sleeping through the night! At the suggestion from friends, we started giving you a new bedtime. You are now in bed by 6:30pm, and you sleep all the way to 5:30- 6:00am! This makes Mommy and Daddy very happy and with you getting more sleep, you are a happier baby in the day! We are so proud of you!

Along with your new sleep schedule, we changed your food schedule; you now eat 5 times a day. Breakfast at 6am, snack at 9am, lunch at 12, snack at 3pm, and dinner at 6pm. This seems to work out really well for you. We started adding yogurt and Puffs to your menu. You love both, and you’ve even started eating the Puffs all by yourself!

Sometimes you get a sippy cup, which you can now drink all by yourself! What a big boy you are now!

You celebrated your first Valentine’s Day this month!

This month, Mommy took a trip to Disneyland, leaving you and Daddy alone for four days. You guys seemed to have a lot of fun together! And though Mommy had fun on her trip, she was VERY happy to come home and see you.

We tried a new carrier, the Ergo. You seem to like it, now that you’re used to it. You learned how to snuggle up to Mommy, and even (almost) fall asleep.

You are scooting around now, like a little worm! You are not quite crawling, but you’re sooo close!

It’s been quite a month. We are so proud of all the ways you are growing and changing. You are developing quite a sense of humor and we love seeing you smile and laugh. You are becoming more adventurous and independent, but you still also love snuggle time with Mommy and Daddy. We love you, little man, and are so thankful God gave us the gift of YOU!

Mommy and Daddy

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