Sunday, January 29, 2012

8 Months Old! (3 days late)

8 Months!
It occurred to me just this morning that I didn’t write a blog for Parker’s 8-month birthday!
So, although it’s 3-days late, here we go:

This past month, you’ve brought in the New Year with much joy and cuteness!

You had your first real play date this month with Lillian. You both spent the first hour just staring and smiling at each other:

I think you had a lot of fun spending time with another baby, and you did a great job sharing your toys.

You need help getting to the sitting position, but once you’re there you can sit up a long time by yourself.

After eating time, you like to sit in and play in your chair for a while. You like to play with blocks and your
little monkey puppet

And like I said, you’ve spent a lot of time just being cute… *sigh*

You are big enough for a new car seat now!

For just a few days you really liked to stick out your tongue and pant… as if you were acting like a puppy. It was super cute, but I haven’t seen you do it in awhile

You really like looking in the mirror. You look at yourself and give yourself kisses in the mirror

You aren’t crawling yet, but while on your tummy, you can pull and scoot yourself around in a circle.

You love, love, LOVE Jack. You smile every time he comes by you and you enjoy getting kisses from him as much as he enjoys giving them.

You continue to be a great eater! You are eating pureed meats, fruits and veggies every day. You've liked everything so far except... green beans.

Also this month... your first time sitting in the shopping cart--what a big boy! Your first store was Trader Joe's, then later on we went to Target. For the most part you LOVED it. You really enjoyed looking all around, and when you did get a bit fussy, you liked that Mommy could easily scoop you up in her arms!

It's been a great month that's gone by too fast. You teach us so much each day and we thank God each day for giving us the gift of YOU.

We love you, Bubba!!

Mommy & Daddy

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