Monday, September 26, 2011

4 Months Old!

Today you are 4 months old.

I’m not sure how that happened so quickly; weren’t we just celebrating your three month-old birthday yesterday? It seemed like the first three months moved by kind of slowly, and this fourth month just flew by!
So here’s what you’ve been up to this month:
Rolling over.
You started by just rolling on to your side, and then staying there. But just a few days ago, you really started rolling from your back to your tummy (and you can roll the other way too). What’s funny is you don’t really like being on your tummy for long, and sometimes you get “stuck” there, like you forget how to roll on to your back again.

You had your first Bradley reunion!
Your mommy and daddy are friends with all of these babies’ moms and dads… we knew these babies while they were all still in their mommy’s tummy! You did such a great job meeting new friends, and you even held hands with one little girl. You little charmer, you!

First Solid Food
You tried Rice Cereal for the first time. We’re not sure if you liked it or not, but you definitely didn’t hate it. We think you probably just weren’t sure what to make of it yet. Next month, we’ll introduce you to baby Oatmeal and maybe even a few simple baby purees, like carrots or avocado.

Bumbo Time!
If you’re in the right mood, you like to spend time in your Bumbo Chair. You especially like your little book that has the “crinkly” pages and it makes a lot of noise when you grab/squeeze/throw/suck on (all of which you like to do).

First Trip in the Jogging Stroller
Daddy took you out for a jog the other day and he said you seemed to have a good time, for the most part. You enjoy looking at all the scenery and also seemed to enjoy the movement.

You “talk” more and more these days. When someone is talking to you, you watch very closely and sometimes try to mimic what their mouth is doing. Soon enough you’ll be saying “mama,” which will surely be your first word!
Who Needs a Pacifier?
Although you still like your paci when you’re sleeping, for the most part throughout the day you prefer to have your hands in your mouth. I’m sure it won’t be long before you say goodbye to your paci all together.

You continue to really enjoy your Pal, Scout. He makes you smile. You especially like to have him sing lullabies as you drift off to sleep. 

You’ve started liking Mommy’s version of Peek-a-Boo

You are officially all American, now that you’ve sported your first pair of jeans! You look like such a little man!

We can’t see any teeth cutting through yet, but with the amount of drool that drains from your mouth each day, we’re sure teeth are coming soon! Some days you soak through three or four bibs!

There are probably other things that I’m sadly forgetting, but overall it’s been a great month. You continue to grow in your alertness, your facial expressions, strength and mobility, and of course your overall cuteness (please see more “cuteness” pictures below..haha)! J You are really a social little bug, and you love to be out with people. You enjoy seeing and exploring new things, and we know that you’re already one smart cookie!
We love you so much and can’t wait to share this next month (and those to come after!) with you!
All of Love,
Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Happy four months Parker!! You are getting so big already! (And are such a cutie.) You are such a blessing to us, and we love spending time with you. ♥

    Much love,

    Grandma and Grandpa